U-BOAT and Tenuta Albaclara have created a sophisticated and exclusive classic method
sparkling wine, with an alcohol content of 14%. Perfection, excellence and uniqueness
have guided the entire process of creating this product: highly innovative procedures go handin-
hand with more traditional ones, with the aim of obtaining a limited edition sparkling wine
with resolutely extreme characteristics and of excellent quality.
U-BOAT is proud to pair this special sparkling wine with one of the brand’s most important and
popular watches, the Chimera 43 made from 925 silver. The watch dial has been redesigned
by adding the heraldic shield with the Lucca panther, the emblem of the city, in order to
proudly pay tribute to this land which, if cared for with love and passion, offers us magnificent
produce and products with genuine flavours.
U-BOAT Sparkling Wine Classic Method embodies the aroma of carefully selected grape
blends and the immense pleasure of aging in the bottle on the lees for twenty four months.
To obtain a fresh, one-of-its-kind sparkling wine, the decision was taken to increase the alcohol
content to 14%: an “extreme” choice that perfectly balances the opulent body of this sparkling
wine with the aromas present. The pale yellow colour with greenish highlights enhances still
further the appeal of the fine, persistent perlage, demonstrating this wine’s superior quality.
This special limited edition of the U-BOAT Sparkling Wine Classic Method is paired with a
limited edition of 50 watches. An elegant and prestigious velvet-lined box contains a Chimera
43 model U-BOAT watch made from 925 silver, accompanied by two crystal and pewter
glasses. A special edition by U-BOAT and Tenuta Albaclara to celebrate two products of the
highest quality and utmost prestige. Two parallel worlds united by the same goal.

43mm – ref. 7233WS – $13,995