Fall in LOVE with the Montegrappa Rosso Veneziano

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Sometimes we come across a pen that feels like love at first sight. We had a set of prototypes sent to our office and our eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful red and silver Rosso Veneziano by Montegrappa. The deep candy red stripes danced across the body and metallic silver luster seemed to amplify the light reflecting off of it. Then, we picked it up…

There is something to be said about a pen with weight; steady, confident, durable… This is the type of pen that you feel in your pocket and don’t have to pat in a panic. The gently tapered silver section fits perfectly in the hand and feels luxurious to write with. The nib dances across the paper and lets ink flow so smooth you would swear you’re writing with butter. If you close your eyes, you can feel the pen guiding your hand into smooth strokes, perfect loops, and gentle accents. It is as if the weight gives it momentum and steadies your technique into a refined and beautiful song.

The Rosso Veneziano has details that make it unique among the Montegrappa writing instruments. Instead of the iconic Montegrappa filigree that you would expect to adorn the cap band, it has a ring of four petal flowers reminiscent of a beautiful wreath. The same symbol, representing the merchant city of Venice, is found on the nib and outlined in 14K gold. Another Venetian symbol, this one much more recognizable, is the Lion seal that tops the pen on the end of the cap. Note that this is reserved for the Montegrappa 1912 logo and is only swapped out in very special editions. Finally, as this pen is limited to a very small number of 118 pieces, each one is stamped at the bottom of the pen to indicate authenticity.

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  1. KenroTemporary
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    Definitely our favorite pen recently!

  2. Laurie calvert
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    I have a silver montegrappa roller ball that needs repair. The blue resin component on the cap broke. Not useable u til I repair it. Help! Where do I mail it for repair?

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