Happy Holidays from Kenro!

Happy Holidays from Kenro!

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We can’t believe 2016 is already over! It feels like just yesterday that we were introducing the Montegrappa Mule, and now we are ringing in the new year with a whole new batch being shipped from Italy!

Warm up with a Whisky Cocktail or Eggnog in your Montegrappa Mule Mug


You heard us right, the iconic Mule Mug is perfect to compliment your copper Mule fountain pen. The pure copper mug was originally designed for the Moscow Mule cocktail, but the electric feeling of cool copper hitting your lips is an exciting accent for any beverage. We include the original recipe for you below, but would love to hear what sort of holiday concoctions you have created. Please comment below and you might just receive a Holiday Prize!
Enjoy time with your family, friends, and loved ones. A new year’s toast to you and what’s coming up in 2017!

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