Our foundation was built from a long history in fine writing and a love for the writing community. We’ve been inking fountain pens for over 25 years! From a single small office in Mineola with two employees, Kenro now sits in over 5000 square feet of offices with over a dozen employees. Of course, we continue to hold a strength in fine writing, but today you will find more than pens and ink at our facility. Every week there’s a shipment arriving from some Italian or European city, delivering specialized luxuries. Our passion for quality craftsmanship has transcended our business collaborations to fine watches, men’s gifts and other unique accessories.

As writing continues to be a strength for Kenro, we are proud to represent Montegrappa and Aurora, two of Italy’s most exclusive pen manufacturers. We’re speaking about companies who innovated the birth of the fountain pen back in the early 1900s. Today these companies continue to lead the market with their creative writing tools and social community engagement. You will find our brands represented at unique specialty retailers, social media and of course the pen show circuit.

Our passion for “watch life” has quickly taken a lead role at Kenro from our partnership with U-Boat. From the beginning, the collaboration with U-boat seemed familiar and natural. U-boat, like Aurora and Montegrappa is an Italian family business with a long history in manufacturing and design. The U-boat style and luxury lifestyle elevated our experiences, as we market our watches in high profile cities from Miami to Vancouver. U-boat is very Italian and when you think style, you often think Italy. We appreciate great style!

We value our smaller partnerships, as they fill a wonderful niche for our retail partners. Brands like Dalvey, Speedometer and Ballast each provide a unique experience for the customer. These smaller brands, along with our pen lines deliver new opportunities for shops to develop their “men’s” business. Organizing custom product proposals is a specialty of ours and we welcome the opportunity to develop an assortment that is tailored for the client. We have something for everyone!

An important department within Kenro is our Creative business. Creative lives in its own world and separate to our retail business, but quite important to our culture and history. Creative is where we add a splash of fun and creative energy to our brands and the brands of our clients. This special marketing team follows the trends and ensures ROI on your promotional and corporate gifting. Our slogan for years was “giveaways shouldn’t be throwaways” and we continue to breathe these words. The Creative division was introduced back in 2000 and we are challenged every day to meet the demands of our Fortune 500 clients.

Kenro is a complex company that thrives on creativity, hustle and engagement. You are welcome to join our story through our many social channels.