Kenro is built on a foundation of our love for fine writing instruments and those who use them. For twenty-eight years we’ve been inking fountain pens and sharing them with the pen community and our retail partners across the country.

We began as a two-person operation in Mineola and have expanded to a team of over a dozen. As our interests have evolved, so have our clients’ and while one of our focal points will always be fine writing instruments, Kenro’s focus has broadened to include fine watches, gifts and accessories.

Kenro and Italy have a long history of partnership. One of the hallmarks of our company is our relationship with two of Italy’s most exclusive pen manufacturers: Montegrappa and Aurora.  In the 1900’s they were at the forefront of the birth of the fountain pen. Today, they continue to lead in the marketplace through their innovative writing tools, limited edition products and social engagement within their communities. At Kenro we’re passionate about sharing the brand stories of Montegrappa and Aurora with specialty retailers, on social media and through hands-on experiences. We especially enjoy sharing these brands one-on-one on the pen circuit, where enthusiasts can visit our us to be educated, see and try all of the newest models for themselves.

When we were introduced to the U-Boat brand, the familiarity of working with Italian companies, coupled with their long history of excellence, made them the perfect partner for the fine watch branch of our business. U-Boat’s definitive style and luxury product has allowed us to represent them in high profile cities, expanding Kenro’s reach even further. We are also committed to working with smaller, niche, brands that provide unique experiences for our retail partners and their clients. Dalvey, Speedometer and Ballast are just some of the lines we currently represent in the space of men’s gifts and we are always seeking out new brands that appreciate great style as much as we do.

We are uniquely qualified to act as a liaison for developing customized items.  We pride ourselves on our close, personal, relationships with our brands and our clients. We are committed to finding just the right product to suit our customers every whim.

Established in 2000, our Creative Division has been a core part of our business. We follow trends to inform personalized proposals, ensuring ROI on promotional items and corporate gifts. We love creating items that will leave a lasting impression for every recipient of them. From our Fortune 500 clients to our smaller specialty clients, we are committed to executing to the aims and demands of their businesses.

In 2018, we made one of our most important commitments to date. We purchased the storied Esterbrook brand with the goal to bring its rich history into the future. To date, we have introduced two new models of Esterbrook in a wide range of colors, nib choices and sizes. We have big plans for the Esterbrook brand and feel honored to be its custodian.

At Kenro we thrive on creativity, hustle, engagement and partnership. 

We’re glad you’ve found us and now that you’re here, we hope to engage you through social channels, retail vendors and direct partnerships with us.

We’re looking forward to sharing the next chapter of Kenro with you.