By individualists.
For individualists.
With style.

Otto Hutt stands for high-quality writing instruments that set new standards in terms of individuality and precision: clear shapes, aesthetic design, functionality in perfection. Inspired by the ideals of the Bauhaus, Otto Hutt develops individualized products in a unique style. Always at the highest technical level and exclusively using selected materials. Products by Otto Hutt bear a logo with the stylized pen, which is inspired by the Bauhaus signet by Oskar Schlemmer, which was created in 1922. An unmistakable symbol of the design claim and stylistic self-image of the brand: “Form Follows Function”. Writing instruments from Otto Hutt have been convincing for generations with a combination of outstanding manufacturing competence and the finest craftsmanship. With constantly evolving processes and production methods, the company constantly sets new impulses – without losing sight of its own tradition. Otto Hutt. Style for individualists. Made in Germany.

Company history

For many decades, the fortunes of the Otto Hutt company were in the hands of the Hutt family – first founded in 1920 by Karl Hutt, later successfully continued for a long time by his son Otto, to whom the brand owes its name to this day. The company founder was an enthusiastic supporter of the Bauhaus movement and felt highly inspired by the design language of this new design school. As a resident of Pforzheim – the “gold city”, which has earned a world-class reputation in the production of jewelry, watches and consumer goods for centuries – he transferred the idea of Bauhaus style to new products and founds a company for bag utensils and noble writing instruments made of silver. In keeping with his Bauhaus contemporaries, Karl Hutt developed writing instruments that were characterized by best workmanship and perfect functionality. In design, he was also influenced by the straightforward, clear and practical design of the Bauhaus. In the 1960s, he handed over the leadership to his son Otto Hutt, who further expanded the company and successfully asserted himself in the market nationally and internationally. Later, Robert E.Huber GmbH succeeded Otto Hutt and reissued the company’s own brand. The managing director Marco Frei and the technical director Nicole Klingel carefully revised the product portfolio and successfully further developed the existing manufacturing processes. To this day, the company’s outstanding competence in terms of manufacturing competence and technical precision is one of the supporting pillars of the globally awarded reputation of Otto Hutt products.

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