The Blueberry Estie arrived!

Are you aware that its Blueberry season? That’s right! The Blueberry Estie arrived this week and they were quickly plucked from the shelves. The unique blue and white blended fountain pens are limited to a total of 600 pieces and are now sold out.

What was an initial concern for Esterbrook is now a great success. If you’re not aware, the Blueberries were supposed to be Lilacs, but when the acrylic supplier delivered the swatches the color was not correct. The material was blue, a beautiful blue, but clearly not purple lilac.

In this case, Esterbrook turned lemons to lemonade and made some very happy fountain pen enthusiasts. Also noteworthy is that the many Blueberries were shipped with 1.1 Stub nibs.

As mentioned, Esterbrook is sold out, but limited stock is available at your authorized Esterbrook retailer.


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