Design 03

Nostalgic. Straightforward. Leading the way. Perfectly shaped, with a balanced weight distribution, the design03 rollerball lies perfectly in the hand. From the cap to the barrel, our design03 speaks a language that connects the past and the present and is easy to understand. The craftsmanship of design03 reflects the connection between craft history and the present: the processing of the brass elements plays a special role. The shaft sleeve is shaped by precise CNC turning before it takes on its matt finish by glass bead blasting. The cap sleeve is milled from a piece of brass and then refined, the decor is partially lacquered and partially milled in to give the writing instrument a straight look. The offset Otto Hutt logo enables the distinction between ballpoint pen, fountain pen, pencil and rollerball.
Lovers of Otto Hutt writing implements appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they buy them: Every Otto Hutt brand product is unique, provided with a six-digit code that is engraved in the clip ring. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unmistakably and – for a lifetime.

Fountain Pen

D03-018-11671 — LilacOrange Fountain Pen M – $225.00

D03-028-11671— LilacOrange Fountain Pen  F – $225.00

D03-068-11671 — LilacOrange Fountain Pen  B —$225.00

D03-038-11671 — LilacOrange Fountain Pen  EF —$225.00

D03-018-11679— BlueGreen Fountain Pen M —$225.00

D03-028-11679 — BlueGreen Fountain Pen F —$225.00

D03-068-11679 — BlueGreen Fountain Pen B —$ 225.00

D03-038-11679 — BlueGreen Fountain Pen EF —$225.00

Rollerball Pen

D03-009-11670 — LilacOrange Rollerball —$195.00

D03-009-11678 — BlueGreen Rollerball—$195.00

Ballpoint Pen

D03-001-11669 — LilacOrange Ballpoint —$175.00

D03-001-11677 — BlueGreen Ballpoint —$175.00

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