Design 04 Black and Platinum Wave

Pure elegance. Perfected in shape.
Design 04 is a tribute to aesthetic straightforwardness. Subtle design that is uncompromisingly subordinate to its purpose. Compact dimensions ensure a remarkable handling that is unparalleled. Technical sophistication and high-quality materials. Based on an original design by Otto Hutt. Classical design thought into the future and completed by hand.

The shaft sleeves are provided with paint and polishing varnish in several layers. Then it is ground and polished by hand. The cap sleeves of the fountain pen are coated with platinum.

Fountain Pen

Model: D04-038-61978 – Steel Nib – EF – $350

Model: D04-028-61978 – Steel Nib – F – $350

Model: D04-018-61978 – Steel Nib – M – $350

Model: D04-068-61978 – Steel Nib – B-  $350

Model: D04-038-62013 – 18k Nib – EF – $525

Model: D04-028-62013 – 18k Nib – F – $525

Model: D04-018-62013 – 18k Nib – M – $525

Model: D04-068-62013 – 18k Nib – B-  $525

Rollerball Pen

Model: D04-009-61977 – $295

Ballpoint Pen

Model: D04-001-61975 – $250

Mechanical Pencil

Model: D04-002-61976 – $250

Engraving options
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