Design 07


Design 07
The flagship. Top-class.
Design 07 is the quintessence of design perfection. Design and functionality combined into an energetic body. A bow to the beauty of clear forms. Strong and elegant. Unambiguously, the all-overly overshining idea of high-quality value. With a characteristic spring clip, masterfully further developed and executed in perfection.
Approximately 36 grams of silver, an 18-carat gold nib in XL format, finely guilloche: With the design 07 Otto Hutt serves a new dimension of writing. The fountain pen glides silky softly and without resistance over the paper and conveys the perfect writing feeling. It is clear what valuable writing instrument you hold in your hands. In addition to the high-quality materials, the design 07 is once again an example of loving and thoughtful production at Otto Hutt. The thread guilloching was particularly gentle to work out the pattern in all its perfection with pointed ends. The elaborately lacquered version is an elegant alternative. Painting by hand on a platinum-plated brass body is a masterpiece. The characteristic spring clip has been further developed for design 07. The fittings are coated with high-quality platinum. This protects the surface and ensures unmistakable shine. What those responsible at Otto Hutt are particularly proud of: The company received a prize at the European Luxury Packing Award for the packaging of design 07.
Lovers of Otto Hutt writing instruments appreciate individuality and uniqueness – because that’s exactly why they acquire them: Every product of the Otto Hutt brand is unique, provided with a six-digit numerical code, which is engraved in the cap. An Otto Hutt writing instrument belongs to its owner, anytime, anywhere, unambiguously and – for a lifetime.
  • With an extraordinary Otto Hutt gold nib in XL format with Otto Hutt logo, which the writing instrument is available as original with the line weights EF, F, M and B
  • With award-winning case with a cover made of Italian precious paper
  • With suitable converter for the use of individual ink and 5 pack cartridges blue.
  • Including a leather case, silver or microfiber cloth, instruction manual and certificate
  • Length 14cm, length open 12.5cm, diameter 16mm, weight about 65.6gr.

Fountain Pen

Model: D07-038-62240 – EF – $995

Model: D07-028-62240 – F – $995

Model: D07-018-62240 – M – $995

Model: D07-068-62240 – B-  $995

07 USA Exclusive Design

Model: D07-038-11561 – EF – $1,200

Model: D07-028-11561 – F – $1,200

Model: D07-018-11561 – M – $1,200

Model: D07-068-11561 – B-  $1,200

07 PVD All Black

D07 018-11594-M Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer FP – M – $995

D07 028-11594-F Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer FP – F – $995

D07 038-11594-EF Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer FP – EF – $995

D07 068-11591-B Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer FP – B – $995

Rollerball Pen

Model: D07-009-62260 – $795

07 USA Exclusive Design

Model: D07-009-11562 – $995

07 PVD All Black

D07 009-11634RB Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer RB – $895


Model: D07-001-11421 – $425

07 PVD All Black

D07 001-11633BP Ottohutt – D7 PVD Black Matte Coated Lacquer BP – $525

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