The Aurora 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Flex 88 met most of these criteria. This Flex 88 is a beautiful pen. The polished resin body with rounded ends is a classic design that appeals to me. While the brown color that I first tried would not have been my first pick, as I tend to prefer other colors, I did find the green version to be beautiful. Like my every day Aurora Optima, the 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Flex 88 filled from the bottle with a piston mechanism. The brown pen, which I used most, was fine tuned by Dan Smith of The Nibsmith, so the ink flow was perfect. There was no railroading, and it was neither too wet nor too dry for me. The ink flowed nicely, allowing me to easily create the thin and thick line variations that the Flex 88 pens are known for. All of these qualities make this a beautiful pen that writes beautifully. [Click here to continue reading]