Krewe De Plume & Papier Plume are having a pen meet on May 9th @ 7pm at Le Citron Bar 1539 Religious St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Kenro Industries will be in attendance showing off the latest and greatest from Esterbrook, Montegrappa, Aurora and Loclen. Special pricing available from them and Papier Plume for the meet up. If you’re in New Orleans it’s a must attend event! Our biggest meet up of the year.

Krewe De Plume began their monthly meet ups with the 2017 Fountain Pen Day Meet Up.  Meet ups range in size but can get up to just north of 20 people some months.  They welcome all fountain pen enthusiast and all those that may be fountain pen curious.  Each month they meet in the historic building that now houses Citron Bistro at 1539 Religious Street in New Orleans, LA.  A full bar is available for those that care to have a drink or two and often there is food on site for those that may want to have a bite.  Participants have attended from all over the Gulf Coast and as far away as California and Canada.  The group has participated in numerous letter writing parties and campaigns.  Give aways are a regular occurrence and there are often ink swaps happening.  Exclusive inks are sometimes given away from local pen shop Papier Plume.  If you’re visiting New Orleans and have a love of fountain pens check out the groups Instagram @krewedeplume for information on upcoming meet-ups or contact Papier Plume and they may have the information if it’s available.