Loclen Electa

This may be the first time you are viewing  the Loclen Electa, with its unique  industrial design and metal finishing. Well, it is something new and exciting for Kenro as well. We were fortunate to meet their designer and owner, Carlo Vazzoler at the Paperworld Show in Frankfurt this past January. Carlo had his Loclen pens advertised in vitrines throughout the show and they caught the eyes of our team. We knew we had to visit his exhibt.  The pens were so unique that they couldn’t resist meeting  with him and learning more about these metal writing tools.

Loclen is a relatively young brand with limited marketing or advertising. They don’t even have an Instagram or Facebook page, but that hasn’t halted their growth. Business has been good and the pens have been selling. Most sales have come from specialty pen retailers outside the US and Canada, so the idea of a partnership for our companies seemed like a good fit.  Carlo was encouraged by the possibilities with Loclen but also shared the challenges with manufacturing hand turned pens in a small family business. Patience was a term he shared on several occasions and how turning brass, plating, brushing and assembly takes time. Thankfully we are patient people and his pens are certainly worth the wait!

3 beautiful finishes to choose from.

Loclen, derived from the names of Carlo’s children, is an Italian company based in Venice. The first model introduced from Kenro is the Electa. Electa is available in three finishes, including ruthenium, fine brushed chrome and raw brass. They are all brass based pens and currently available in fountain pen only. The nibs are size 5 from Jowo and each is engraved with the Loclen “duck” symbol and can be purchased in EF, F, M, B and 1.1. The ruthenium and chrome are sold with a chrome plated nib, while the raw brass has a two-tone gold and silver.

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Pictures from the workshop

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