The Speedometer Official belt is entirely created and produced in Italy with genuine Italian leather.
The buckle is made in zinc alloy and aluminum, bearing the colored ring inspired to the Speedometer Official bracelet. 6 available colors: black/red, blue/red, black, green, grey, and blue.
Genuine italian leather, available in 2 different kind of leather and 6 colors: cognac (sample), dark brown and black (as
per trial colors leather), blue, red and white. A zinco alloy label with the Speedometr Official laser logo is sewn handly on the leather. Moreover on the inside of the leather is hot pressed the Speedometer Official logo and the following italian sentence “Created and produced in Italy with italian leather by Marco Gatti Torino”. The buckle can easely matches with the preferred leather color thanks to the snap fastener: you can easily change the buckle/leather matching as well as shorten the belt and get the right size. At first belt order, Speedometer Official will provide each client with the appropriate tool (hollow punch) to hole the leather and to adjust the belt size directly in the store.

Belts – Model: SBELT – $250