Pininfarina cambrio

Timeless beauty and innovation

Pininfarina Segno represents the horizon of an innovative and unique scenario in the writing experience. Creating a timeless beauty, typical of Pininfarina design, and striving for continuous innovation are the reasons at the root of this project.
Pininfarina Segno combines cutting-edge technologies and craft skills to add a new chapter in the history of writing and beyond.

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Pininfarina Cambiano ink


Cambiano Rose Gold Ink – Model NPKRE01670 – $225

Cambiano Polished Chrome Ink – Model NPKRE01664 – $175

paninfarina cambiano ink blue

CambianoCambianoCambianoCambianoCasm Blue Ink РModel NPKRE01593 Р$175

Cambiano Red Ink – Model NPKRE01594 – $175

Personalize your Pininfarina

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Cambiano Ink Refill in black – 2pcs. – NPKRE01655 – $10