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Montegrappa is pleased to announce a diminutive arrival that’s proving difficult not to describe as “cute” or “adorable”! Based on the popular Fortuna family of pens, Felicitá is a more compact version, smaller in volume and ideal for any pocket, purse man-bag, hand-luggage and other holders with limited or reduced space.
With a unisex design that is clean and modern, Felicitá is also better suited to the female hand than many full-sized pens. Because it is shorter than the full-sized Fortuna, Felicita’s dimensions ideally suit the space in a lady’s clutch.
Felicitá’s cap and barrel are formed of delicately pearlised resin, with a choice of four colours: Sugar Pink Dust, Ocean Jellybon, Red Velvet e Caramel Gold. All are trimmed in stainless steel. The collection features on its cap end the 1912 monogram of Montegrappa, while the brand logo is laser-cut on the cap band.
Felicitá is offered in all three of the most popular forms – fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint – to suit every writing style and preference.

Fountain Pen

ISFAR_ID – Montegrappa – Felicita Jellybon Ocean Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_IR – Montegrappa – Felicita Red Velvet Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_IN – Montegrappa – Felicita Caramel Gold Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_IS – Montegrappa – Felicita Sugar Pink Dust Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_IG – Montegrappa – Felicita Forest Green Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_IJ – Montegrappa – Felicita Pearl Grey Fountain Pen – $250

ISFAR_YC – Montegrappa – Felicita Black Gold Fountain Pen – $275


ISFARRID – Montegrappa Felicita Jellybon Ocean Rollerball – $195

ISFARRIR – Montegrappa Felicita Red Velvet Rollerball – $195

ISFARRIN – Montegrappa Felicita Caramel Gold Rollerball – $195

ISFARRIS – Montegrappa Felicita Sugar Dust Pink Rollerball – $195

ISFARRIG – Montegrappa Felicita Forest Green Rollerball – $195

ISFARRIJ – Montegrappa Felicita Pearl Grey Rollerball – $195

ISFARRYC – Montegrappa Felicita Black Gold Rollerball – $225


ISFARBID – Montegrappa Felicita Jellybon Ocean Ballpoint – $175

ISFARBIR – Montegrappa Felicita Red Velvet Ballpoint – $175

ISFARBIN – Momtegrappa Felicita Caramel Gold Ballpoint – $175

ISFARBIS – Montegrappa Felicita Sugar Dust Pink Ballpoint – $175

ISFARRIG – Montegrappa Felicita Forest Geen Ballpoint – $175

ISFARRIS – Montegrappa Felicita Pearl Grey Ballpoint – $175

ISFARRYC – Montegrappa Felicita Black Gold Ballpoint – $195