The Batman LE

Montegrappa returns to Gotham City bolder thanever, with a fusion of hyper-modern metals steeped inthe mythos of The Batman. Crafted from high-gradetitanium and cloaked in blackened brass, our tribute tothe icon of cinema and comics is primed for action.Tap your inner strength with the most muscular Montegrappa evermade. A daring redux of our famous octagonal grip combinesadvanced engineering with fearless design, drawing on the ingenuityof Bruce Wayne’s Batsuit for inspiration.
  • Complex titanium body is sculpted piece-by-piece using numerically-controlled machining
  • Segments are tumbled twice to leave a raw, industrial finish
  • Detailed solid-metal components are inspired by Batman’s gauntlet, grapple gun and chest-plate logo
  • Polished black ruthenium gives brass a resilient, menacing sheen
  • Editions of 330 rollerballs and fountain pens recall Batman’s print debut on 30 March, 1939
  • Display yours with an exclusive, lacquered display stand.


Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen – Model: ISB1N_TC – $4995




Rollerball – Model: ISB1NRTC – $4250

Packaging & Additional Info

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