Optima Caleidoscopio Luce Verde

“As a child I was enchanted to watch the colors moving in a Kaleidoscope.”

Aurora is inspired by the famous kaleidoscope, created on 1860, which allowed to change the position of the mirrors and to keep the same image “ad lib”.

Fountain pen in Green and Light Blue marbled Auroloide. 18kt solid gold nib, rhodium-treated. Chrome trims. Limited Edition to only 860 pieces & Ballpoint limited to 380 pieces.

The nib is available in six widths: EF, F, M, B, BB & Stub.

July 2021 release date



Caleidoscope Luce Verde – Model: 996-CKV – $795 – SOLD OUT

Caleidoscope Luce Verde Model: 998-CKV – $450


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