Immortal like the Classic Italian Song, symbol of the “Bel Paese” in the world, Aurora is proud to show you a collection that will definitely be an “evergreen”.

Fountain Pen

Black Resin w/ Marbled Orange Auroloide Fountain Pen – Model: 997-NAO – $695


Black Resin w/ Marbled Orange Auroloide Rollerball – Model: 975-NAO – $495


Black Resin w/ Marbled Orange Auroloide Ballpoint – Model: 998-NAO – $395

* Turned Italian acrylic
* gold trim

*Pen weight and dimension: Fountain and Rollerball; 0.8 oz, 5.5″x 5/8″, Ballpoint 0.9 oz, 5-1/8″
* Box weight and dimension: 1 lb, 4.9 oz., 8-1/8″w x 5-3/8″d x 2-5/8″h,

Proprietary handmade Aurora nibs:
* solid 14k
* eleven stage die casting process
* rhodium plated and molded writing tip
* hand turned ebonite ink feed
* traditional point sizes include extra fine, fine, medium and broad
* custom grinds – Goccia (Tear drop shape designed for Asian style lettering), Extra Flex, Double Broad, Italic, Oblique – $150 up charge

*special feature – removable nib section – the nib section can be unscrewed from the grip area of the pen. This feature allows for thorough cleaning and maintenance of the nib and barrel.

Piston filling system –
* rear knob accesses plunger filling system
* large capacity for ink in the barrel chamber
* Clear ink window
* Hidden ink reservoir – secondary ink chamber serves as a spare ink tank.

* decorative engraving on the nib
* Laser engraved ring and lacquer filled etching
* historical trademark engraved on the barrel
* fountain pen in Aurora gift box