Colour, dynamism and modernity: these are the characteristics of the new Aurora collection designed for young people who are keen on fashion and interested in innovative design. The Style Resin range interprets their desires with a collection of pens that combine the use of lightweight materials with new colour tones: the result is fresh, fun and casual. To have a different product everyday to match your look and needs, the Style Resin collection includes a complete and varied range of “ready-to-wear” writing instruments for day and night. The exclusive head decorated with the oval Aurora logo will soon become a status symbol to be shown in the pockets of jeans or on the desks of young professionals.
Available in the fountain pen with steel nib, ballpoint pen and rollerball pen versions, the new Style Resin range has a resin cap and barrel and a spicy heart. In the Mustard version the ring, clip and exclusive oval Aurora logo on the head are gold-plated; in the Paprika and Black Pepper versions the ring, clip and oval logo on the head are chrome-plated. Simple yet stylish, the Style collection comes in a wood-effect presentation case with white imitation leather lining.

Fountain Pen
Black Pepper Fountain Pen – Model: E12DN – $110
Cream Fountain Pen – Model: E12CW – $110
Black Pepper Fountain Pen – Model: E12N – $110
Paprika Fountain Pen – Model: E12P – $110
Mustard Fountain Pen – Model: E12S – $110

Black Pepper Rollerball – Model: E72DN – $95
Cream Rollerball – Model: E72CN – $95
Black Pepper Rollerball – Model: E72N – $95
Paprika Rollerball – Model: E72P – $95
Mustard Rollerball – Model: E72S – $95

Black Pepper Ballpoint – Model: E32DN – $80
Cream Ballpoint – Model: E32CW – $80
Black Pepper Ballpoint – Model: E32N – $80
Paprika Ballpoint – Model: E32P – $80
Mustard Ballpoint – Model: E32S – $80