When people would ask me why I write, I have to think about it for a while, because the process is an unconscious hand reaction.
Daily life is just a constant inspiration. Whether a picture, a line in a book, a TV show, relationships or even just an emotion, I become inspired to take out my fountain pen and notepad to write down my thoughts.
Writing gives me the power to express my feelings and beliefs and helps to unfold hidden truths. It all starts with a scary, intimidating blank page and with only the faintest idea for where to start. However, layer by layer, letter by letter, I dig deeper into my emotions and my nib glides over the smooth page.
Anger turns into peace, sadness into happiness.
Writing a poem, a diary or journal entry reflecting my mood gives an insight into my own little life. The smooth and soothing flow of the ink onto the paper captures my energy and delivers something real and everlasting.
My words may not be filled with political importance nor be of interest to others, but they are my words, my beliefs, my voice. So, I write my heart out and take pleasure in the distractions it provides during the creation process and my love of writing. It is for me, but there is also a pleasure in sharing.
For the love of writing,