I am Yen Yen Siu, Creator @ Yenderings.com. My childhood was spent as a global citizen, living in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Singapore before settling down in Toronto. Cities are my muse and Yenderings channels that inspiration, combining my love for functional design, fountain pens, fine tailoring, and product development.

A love of fountain pens runs generations deep in my family. My father gifted me beautiful pens for milestone events and in return I bought him one with my first pay cheque. To me, a pen represents both a memory and a method for preserving that memory. Pens are tools, both functional and artistic; they accompany us on our journeys, recording everything from the details of our daily grind to the impressions of a grand adventure.

Tailored menswear, with its clean lines and refined details, encapsulates functional design. In a fine suit, every stitch has a defined purpose; each crease a precise plan. In fashion, beauty happens when purpose, quality, and technique are combined with flair – the same is true of a well-designed fountain pen.

Yenderings is my way of marrying my love of great design, fine detail, quality fabrics, and of course, beautiful pens. I don’t know where this road will take me but I know it will be guided by fanciful functionality.

Brand: @yenderings
Life, food: @2yens