This week we introduce the second color to the vibrant Aurora Minerali collection. This is the second of five colors in the series, as the blue was first delivered in September. There’s a total of five colors in the collection and each will be limited to 388 fountain pens.

The Minerali is a Demonstrator concept, which is not foreign to Aurora’s production history. You may be familiar with past collections like the Optima Demo, 88 Demo and the most popular Demo Black! The Minerali is the most limited, as past editions were produced in larger quantities and are still available upon special request.

Aurora Demonstrator pens are a bit more labor intensive than your typical black or multi color pens. You see the clear and transparent components must be hand polished on both the inside and out. This process require a lot of time and close attention to detail. You should also note that Aurora did not cut any corners when determining which components would be clear. Not only have they produced the barrel and cap in clear acrylic, but the grip section and nib block that holds the ebonite feed and 18kt nib are also made from clear materials.

Additionally, you will find other details that add to the overall appeal of this attractive fountain pen, like the small ink window, the slim colored ring toward the bottom of the barrel and the engraved numerals at the crown that identifies the owner’s edition number.

While there is certainly something engaging about one’s ability to see the ink move through the inside of this strinking 88, there is also a high level of quality that should not go unnoticed. Each 88 Minerali is made with the same integrity that the fountain pen community has regarding for close to 100 years. Some important components include a piston filling system, a proprietary 18kt gold nib (available in EF, F, M, Broad and other specialty sizes), an ebonite feed and a firm posting of the cap for true balance when writing.

All in all it’s a clear decision!