Aurora Ancient Maps Tolomeo

Aurora celebrates a new Limited Edition Collection, Ancient Maps. A series of five fountain pens, symbols of 5 Ancient Maps that represent a new world overcomes its limits by bringing, through new discoveries, further knowledge to civilization. The first one is TOLOMEO.

In this New Limited Edition Collection, that consists of 680 pieces each, Aurora wants to involve the SYNESTHESIA OF EMOTIONS, particularly the SENSE OF TOUCH, developing a special tactile sleeve in relief where, with closed eyes, the explorers’ stages will be followed.

Our journey among the ancient maps begins around 150 A.D. when the geographer Claudio Tolomeo drew the first geographical map of the known world, using a grid of geometric lines corresponding to latitude and longitude.

Fountain pen in blue marbled Auroloide with 18kt solid gold nib, rhodium treated. Sterling silver 925‰ trims. Special armillary head and bottom depicting the rose of wind in solid 925‰ silver. LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 680 PIECES.

Tolomeo – Model: 946-RT – $1,395


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