Made in editions of 230 fountain pens and rollerballs, Frankenstein L.E. is crafted entirely from brass, and uses texturing and dark ruthenium electroplating to simulate beaten iron. Weighing in at more than 250g, our XXL design measures a hefty 30 x 187 mm. Rivet and suture details mimic Dr. Frankenstein’s lo-fi workmanship, and are realised in the mould, then masked during plating to retain their brassy sheen.

The grip section is made from brass and black resin, lightning-charged with laser engraving. Trim components are all brass, styled and aged like vintage lab equipment. The pocket-clip is a spring-loaded insulator rod terminated with a brass ball – a nod to our ruzzolino clamp and depicted as if it has smashed into the cap surface.

Further appendages operate complications engineered especially for this edition. A pair of neck electrodes activates the cap release, while a gyro gizmo encased in the blind cap provides a fascinating fidget mechanism. On the cap top, a miniature haptic handwheel operates a viewing window to reveal the head of Frankenstein’s monster.

On fountain pens, the edition’s mechanical repertoire is boosted by our Power-Push filling mechanism. Custom, 8mm nibs feature the monster’s face, realised in 18K yellow gold (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1). A bottle of green ink is also provided and incorporated into the product display.

Custom accessories supplied with the edition are spectacular. A 350 x 300 x 300 mm recreation of Frankenstein’s laboratory includes an operating table for pen display, meters and a working plasma ball powered by USB or batteries. A canvas straitjacket is also supplied as a travel pouch.

Fountain Pen



Frankenstein Fountain Pen — ISFKN_BE — $10,195




Frankenstein Rollerball Pen — ISFKNRBE— $9,495

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