Ipsilon Demo Colors

The Ipsilon has been a staple in the Aurora line for over twenty years. In many cases, the Ipsilon was a likely introduction to the fountain pen world, as its vibrant colors, quality and price hit the mark for new writing enthusiasts. When many competing brands were limited to black and blue pens, it was the Aurora Ipsilon that arrived with fresh colors including yellow, red, green and more. And when nib sizes from the competition were limited to fine and medium nibs, it was the Ipsilon delivering extra fine, fine, medium, broad and even Italic.

Ipsilon continues to establish the trend with a fresh new mix of colors and a novelty ink view that’s sure to get attention. Pair the pen with matching ink for under $200 and the Ipsilon is a again that staple writer.

The Ipsilon Demo Colors is available in yellow, orange and green with gold trim and red, turquoise and violet with silver trim. The front section is clear to view the ink flowing from the ink chamber and the channel through the feed and nib. Like all Aurora Iplsilon pens, you can choose your nib size in EF, Fine, Medium, Broad and Italic. The pens are equipped with a cartridge and converter and are sold with the matching color ink. Pen and ink are packaged separately.

The Ipsilon Demo is a fun and reliable writer!

Passionate “red” – Model: B09-CR – $160

Wise “purple” – Model: B09-CVI – $160

Intuitive “light green” – Model: B09-CVS – $160

Enthusiastic “orange” – Model: B09-DO – $160

Optimistic “yellow” – Model: B09-DY – $160

Dreamer  “green” –  Model: B09-DV – $160

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