Characteristic and playful, the Chef pen debuts with a pleated snow-White resin cap,  and a perfectly moulded, chop knife in stainless steel for a signature clip. It does NOT cut, but it causes a smile! The pen’s silhouette continues with a wood-facsimile of a resin barrel, interrupted by a row of stainless steel rivets, for the ultimate resemblance with the kitchen’s best known cutting utensil. The Chef’s exclusive collection consists both of fountain and rollerball pens.
The cook’s favourite fountain pen is piston-fed,  its nib is respectfully made in 18k Gold and decorated with the Montegrappa filigree etching. Limited to just 999
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Fountain Pen

Chef Fountain Pen – Model: ISCFN_AW – $1,295



Chef Rollerball – Model: ISCFNRAW – $895