A prestige writing instrument is much more than a pen in fine attire. It’s a sense of empowerment that flows onto the page…a sense that anything is possible. Welcome to the world of fine writing!

Armonia synthesises the essentials of Montegrappa style and performance into a silhouette for all lifestyles. Slender, spritely, and typically refined, it combines class and convenience to bring joy wherever it goes.

  • Armonia distils Montegrappa Classic design codes into compact form, offering hallmark, handcrafted styling to a wide variety of writers, budgets and hand-types
  • Achieve harmony with a palette of modern chromatic acrylics. Choose solid colour or bold duetto combinations with pinstriped, palladium-plated brass
  • It’s impossible to put a price on harmony. All writing modes are appointed to become your next premium pen – or maybe someone

Fountain Pen 








ISA1R_AC—Armonia Fountain Pen, Black—$195

ISA1R_AB—Armonia Fountain Pen, Blue—$195

ISA1R_AG—Armonia Fountain Pen, Neo Mint—$195

ISA1R_AO—Armonia Fountain Pen, Orange—$195

ISA1R_AS—Armonia Fountain Pen, Pink—$195

Rollerball Pen 








ISA1RRAC—Armonia Rollerball Pen, Black—$185

ISA1RRAB—Armonia Rollerball Pen, Blue—$185

ISA1RRAG—Armonia Rollerball Pen, Neo Mint—$185

ISA1RRAO—Armonia Rollerball Pen, Orange—$185

ISA1RRAS—Armonia Rollerball Pen, Pink—$185

Ballpoint Pens


ISA1RBAC—Armonia Ballpoint Pen, Black—$175

ISA1RBAB—Armonia Ballpoint Pen, Blue—$175

ISA1RBAG—Armonia Ballpoint Pen, Neo Mint—$175

ISA1RBAO—Armonia Ballpoint Pen, Orange—$175

ISA1RBAS—Armonia Ballpoint Pen, Pink—$175

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