Montegrappa Takes Off with the AVIATOR RED BARON EDITION

The ultimate pilot’s pen is back with its sportiest look yet. Retro aviation styling meets stunt-plane optics in a new, limited-colour release. Get ready to rule the skies with the Aviator Red Baron.\

Soaring Italian writing performance returns in a familiar fuselage, this time anodised in bold signal red. With playful design codes to charm frequent fliers and professional pilots alike, the Aviator has shifted up a gear – borrowing from the playbook of history’s most notorious flying ace. Aerodynamic lines recall a golden age of flight, with mechanical design codes dotted down the length of Aviator’s all-aluminium body. Handcrafted from brushed high-grade alloy, black IP steel hardware helps keep her grounded, but the skies will never be far from your thoughts.

Features include a bullet-nose cap, landing strut pocket-clip as well as mock-riveted apertures and seams. A leatherette travel case inspired by vintage-era flying goggles is yet another component to start conversations – and a place for aviators to stow their shades. Popularly known as the Red Baron, Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen was a WWI squadron commander whose iconic all-red triplane is etched in history and popular culture. More than a century after his exploits, the Prussian pilot is remembered through films, video games and as Snoopy’s dogfighting nemesis.

Fountain Pens cartridge or convertor fill.

Steel #6 nib available in EF, F, M, B, 1.1 Stub



Aviator Fountain Pen EF, F, M, B & 1.1 Stub – ISAOR_UR – $495



Aviator Rollerball Pen – ISAORRUR – $485


Aviator Ballpoint Pen – ISAORBUR – $475


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