Montegrappa ZERO Cityscape 

Exclusive to Kenro and their retail partners, the Cityscape Montegrappa ZERO is the newest release in the Kenro Reserve series. In this edition, the proprietary, resin material, Montegrappite, evokes the landscapes of cities around the globe. It reminds us that while we all live in different places, the skies we share are the same. The Cityscape celebrates this through the complexity and depth of the Montegrappite and the rich colors of dusk: deep purples, azures, fiery burnt oranges and a bronze trim and clip to represent the setting of the sun. The Cityscape is available in limited editions of ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens in gold-plated EF, F, M, B and 1.1 stub nibs. 


Fountain Pen

ZERO Cityscape Fountain Pen – Model: ISZET_BY_004  – $495 – SOLD OUT

Rollerball Pen


ZERO Cityscape Rollerball Pen – Model: ISZETRBY_004  – $450 – SOLD OUT

Ballpoint Pen

ZERO Cityscape Ballpoint Pen – Model: ISZETBBY_004 – $395 – SOLD OUT





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