This is the super exclusive and latest Aurora limited edition. Created in collaboration for the U.S. and Spain. Made of olive Auroloide with an 18K gold nib. The olive color is a stunning representation of the Spanish grown olives. Limited to only 150 units available. Kenro has been able to acquire 75 of these stunning pens for the US.

Please ask your retailer.

Sold out – No longer available

Optima Oliva – Model: 996-OLE – $795

* Turned Italian acrylic
* gold trim

*Pen weight and dimension: 0.8 oz, 5.5″x 5/8″,
* Box weight and dimension: 1 lb, 4.9 oz., 8-1/8″w x 5-3/8″d x 2-5/8″h,

Proprietary handmade Aurora nibs:
* solid 18k
* eleven stage die casting process
* rhodium plated and molded writing tip
* hand turned ebonite ink feed
* traditional point sizes include extra fine, fine, medium and broad
* custom grinds – Goccia (Tear drop shape designed for Asian style lettering), Extra Flex, Double Broad, Stub, Italic & Oblique – $150 up charge

*special feature – removable nib section – the nib section can be unscrewed from the grip area of the pen. This feature allows for thorough cleaning and maintenance of the nib and barrel.

Piston filling system –
* rear knob accesses plunger filling system
* large capacity for ink in the barrel chamber
* Clear ink window
* Hidden ink reservoir – secondary ink chamber serves as a spare ink tank.

* limited edition engraving on the cap crown

* decorative engraving on the nib
* Laser engraved ring and lacquer filled etching
* historical trademark engraved on the barrel
* fountain pen in Aurora gift box

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Limited edition – 150 Pieces