Pininfarina PF ONE 

The new era of Design Writing

Aluminum body with triangular section for perfect ergonomics, retractable nose, unique closing mechanism, PF ONE is an extremely functional object obtained through precision mechanics that redefines ink writing instruments canons. An exclusive object in terms of design, technology and utilization in which every small detail has been considered in relation to its precise function. Welcome to the new era of Design Writing, creations dedicated to those who believe in design as a reflection of their personality and thought of by those who have made design a source in the world.

TECHNICAL Specifications

Body material Alluminium

Tip Ballpoint ink

Refill Parker Style G2 Ballpoint Refill

Body dimensions Length min 140mm / max 157mm – diameter min. 11 max 13mm

Body weight 37 gr.


PF ONE Fountain Pen


PF ONE Blue/Silver Fountain Pen – $225

NPKRE01717 – EF

NPKRE01718 – F

NPKRE01719 – M

NPKRE01720 – B

PF ONE Black Fountain Pen – $225

NPKRE01709 – EF

NPKRE01710 – F

NPKRE01711 – M

NPKRE01712 – B

PF ONE Silver Fountain Pen – $225

NPKRE01713 – EF

NPKRE01714 – F

NPKRE01715 – M

NPKRE01716 – B

PF ONE Ballpoint Pen


PF ONE – Model NPKRE01721-Blue/Silver – $195

PF ONE – Model NPKRE01695 – Black – $195

PF ONE – Model NPKRE01694-Silver – $195

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