Who knew Camo could be so cool? One would assume that military types or the families of veterans would be the people who would embrace the Montegrappa Camouflage. Montegrappa certainly did a wonderful job creating the material and don’t even get me started about the packaging. Who doesn’t want that fantastic vintage tin? What’s surprising is how the Camo has been embraced by accessories lovers and how well it plays a role with cool urban flavor. Take our friend Paul, the professor, foodie and boot lover as an example. Paul or @Bothrops1 as his over 50k followers on instgram know him, has developed quite a following through his unique style and passion for accessories. Have a quick check at his page and you’ll be quick to find Montegrappa pens like the Camo, Mule and Blazer fitting in with the likes of IWC, Panerai and glasses from Eyebobs. By the way, I challenge you not to get hungry, as you scroll his page. Of course, we’re a little biased when we view a pic with a Montegrappa pen, but I think its fair to say that our pens can often stand out from the others.

Next time youre thinking about adding that accessory to your compliment your gear, maybe it’s a pen that’s the compliments you best. If Camo is not your thing, maybe you want to consider the Heartwood, Copper Mule or the Caduceus for our medical people. Montegrappa has a whole host of creative pens to fit your personality or interests. Not to mention, most Montegrappa pens are available in ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen. More Info