Esterbrook Estie review by The Gentleman Stationer

Esterbrook Estie review by The Gentleman Stationer When Kenro first announced that they had acquired Esterbrook back in April, I suspected they would turn out something good, but the Estie far exceeded my expectations. Given the history with the “new” Esterbrook brand, first resurrected a few years ago to little acclaim and much derision in

U-BOAT introduces the Capsoil

UBOAT introduces their latest watch the Capsoil. The Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design, combining innovative features with retro-style lines. The Swiss electromechanical movement is completely immersed in a low viscosity lubricating oil. The oily liquid flows into the dial making it an absolute and deep black and creates an ever-moving compensation bubble that surprisingly

NY Mag says “The Aurora Ipsilon is as Classic as it gets”

Aurora Tops all Fountain pens on NY Mag List Ny Mag just complied their list of the 100 best pens as tested by Strategist editors. Our Aurora Ipsilon was chosen as the 4th best pen and the highest ranked Fountain Pen. Five criteria were used to rate and review the pens with the Ipsilon scoring

Personalize your corporate gifts!

Aviation Enthusiasts Write To New Heights More than ever before, companies are seeking to reward employees or clients with gifts that make a lasting impression. There’s a reason why pre-owned timepieces and vintage style branding are experiencing a surge in interest these days. When we think of times in the early US, we feel a sense of value

The Imperial Collection, Featuring the Taipei Sunset.

If you’re totally fascinated with the urushi lacquering technique featured in this specific model – you’re not alone. We were so interested in this process that we had to learn more! This 9,000-year process for lacquerware production starts with the sap of the Asian urushi tree. Now a true art form throughout the world, urushi

The pleasure of writing, Italian style.

In a world where the younger generations are less and less acquainted with pen and paper, and more and more in love with keyboards, talking about the pleasure of writing with a a good fountain pen may seem old fashioned… Read the full article HERE

We have the Estie’s you’re looking for!

  August 10, 2018  Estie Announcement The Esterbrook Pen Company, a true American Original, is rewriting its long success story in modern times with a fresh new pen collection based on a complete rebranding. Titled Estie, a kind of nick name for Esterbrook, is a tribute to the brand and its storied history. Short for

Who knew Camo could be so cool?

  Who knew Camo could be so cool? One would assume that military types or the families of veterans would be the people who would embrace the Montegrappa Camouflage. Montegrappa certainly did a wonderful job creating the material and don’t even get me started about the packaging. Who doesn’t want that fantastic vintage tin? What’s

Aurora Talentum “Black Ops” Fountain Pen Review

Matte. Black. Do I have to say any more than that? I mean, yeah probably. We’re doing a pen review here, not just making blanket statements. Seriously though, this pen does matte black in a way that not many other pens…. (See the full review by Ed Jelley here.)  

Aurora 88 Minerali Amethyst

The Color of Royalty – Amethyst Building on Aurora’s flagship 88 design, the new Aurora 88 Minerali fountain pen collection was inspired by some of the most beautiful minerals found on earth. The Aurora 88 Minerali Amethyst is the fifth in this limited edition numbered collection of demonstrators and features brilliant purple accents. This fountain

Aurora Style Rose Gold Fountain Pen Review

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to use several different high-end Aurora fountain pens, so it’s always a bit difficult to judge other Auroras by a separate standard when the situation requires it. In the case of the Aurora Style, this separation is needed due to the vast price difference. At under

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