Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente

Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente Montegrappa has been manufacturing the world’s most magical pens in the same artisanal factory for more than a century. Combining luxurious materials, high craftsmanship and unrivalled writing pleasure, the independent maker’s quality and individualist flair make it a firm favourite of dignitaries, creatives and collectors. From his boardroom overlooking the Brenta River, Giuseppe

Pen Addict reviews the “Journaler” nib by Gena Salorino

The Pen Addict – Esterbrook “The Journaler” Nib Review “So to get us all on the same page here: A pen company I like is working with a nibmeister I like to create a modern version of a vintage nib style that will work perfectly my handwriting. You had me at hello. Before I get into

Montegrappa ZERO Caramel

Montegrappa ZERO Caramel – US Exclusive This  Kenro-exclusive Montegrappa ZERO Montegrappite fountain pen features a striking Caramel finish, with streaks of white, tans and brown. No two are exactly alike.   This particular combination is exclusive to Kenro and their US retail partners. Montegrappite is a new material making its debut outside the Italian market on

Esterbrook Sparkle – Esterbrook/Diamondcast collaboration

The Esterbrook Estie OS Sparkle The Estie has been an integral part of the revival of the new Esterbrook brand.  It’s sleek and stately in the hand and a great writing instrument for everyday use and special occasions.    In the past two years, pen enthusiasts all over globe have added the Estie to their collections.

PenBoyRoy talks about the Miya 450 Celluloid

  Montegrappa Miya 450 For those of you that are fans of the PenBoyRoy fountain pen review channel, it is no secret that I am a huge lover of fountain pens. It’s also no secret that I can be very critical of fountain pens. Some have called my reviews “unforgiving”. Some would be one hundred

Aurora Optima – What are you waiting for?

  Aurora Optima The Optima has been an elite level fountain pen for over 30 years. The design has been the reinterpreted through many iconic pens, including the Africa, Nebulosa and Sole, and should be a staple in all better pen collections. Optima hits all the marks when it comes to quality! Piston Filled Solid

Montegrappa Miya Ebonite LE – US Exclusive

  Miya Ebonite  High-caliber mechanics, classic form and dynamic handling combine in an exclusive small-batch edition from Italy’s style supremos. With qualities to set purist pulses racing, the Mia Ebonite shows once again why Montegrappa is where the rubber meets the road.    When it comes to true handcraft, nothing separates the practitioners from the

Ed Jelley – ystudio Portable Brassing

  ystudio Portable Brassing Fountain Pen Review Ed Jelley reviews the ystudio Portable Brassing Fountain Pen. Ystudio is a brand that’s been on my radar for a while now. I’ve owned one of their brassing ballpoint pens for some time, and always enjoy writing with it. Like the fountain pen being reviewed here, the ballpoint

The Pen Addict ystudio resin fountain pen review

  ystudio Resin Fountain Pen Review Brad Dowdy AKA The Pen Addict reviews the new ystudio resin fountain pen. As a ystudio fanboy, I was a little concerned about the Resin Fountain Pen when I first saw pictures of it. How would it stack up to my favorite Brassing models? Would the plastic barrel take

The Well Appointed Desk reviews the Montegrappa Elmo

  Montegrappa Elmo Fantasy Bloom Blue Cross Gentian Ana of The Well Appointed Desk reviews the new Montegrappa Elmo Fantasy Bloom fountain pen. Inside all that is the sueded interior and behold! The Montegrappa Elmo under a  satin ribbon. Inside the pen is the cartridge converter but two cartridges are included. Lifting up the pillow reveals the

The Well Appointed Desk reviews the Resin ystudio fountain pen

  ystudio resin fountain pen Ana of The Well Appointed Desk reviews the new ystudio resin fountain pen in red. The Resin fountain pen has a crisp hex shape that tapers down to a rounded grip section in brass. The details on the pen are brass, including round dots on the end of the cap

Pen Addict Reviews the Estie Lilac OS

  Estie Lilac OS Brad Dowdy AKA The Pen Addict shares his thoughts on the Esterbrook Estie Lilac oversized. The story of Esterbrook is a long one, primarily as one of the great American writing brands for a period of over 100 years. It saw a small, yet ultimately failed, reappearance in 2014, prior to

ystudio has partnered with Kenro!

  ystudio Designed in Taiwan and made by masters with decades of experience, the partners at ystudio aim to use beautiful, long-lasting objects to tell a story about writing.  Using natural materials, they create writing instruments that are an escape from electronics and a return to using one’s imagination and hands to put words on

Aurora Special Edition Inks

  Aurora Special Edition Inks In 2019, Aurora released the very limited Cento Edition Inks as a part of their 100th year anniversary celebration. With just three Aurora inks to choose from for decades, the introduction of seven inks in one release was a big surprise, welcomed by Aurora loyalists and ink lovers with great enthusiasm.

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