Montegrappa’s Pen Of Peace Speaks Volumes

What a fitting time in history to focus on the concept of world peace. And that’s exactly what Montegrappa did with its new Pen of Peace limited edition, whose creation was itself a harmonious intention of diverse people with a common goal. [Click here to continue reading]

Montegrappa & Jake Weidmann Make Peace

A collaboration between Italian penmaker Montegrappa and Jake Weidmann, a highly accomplished American Master Penman and artist, was a natural. Both are passionate about handwriting, exceptional craftsmanship, aesthetics, and community engagement. When Montegrappa tapped Weidmann to create the calligraphic artwork for a pen dedicated to peace, he enthusiastically embraced the challenge. The Pen of Peace

Paul Picot Exhibits at VICENZAORO

     Last week, Paul Picot  exhibited at the prestigious VICENZAORO, the world’s most important Jewelry fair outside Baselworld. This year the show expands their presence for watches with and exclusive area called NOW, which stands for “Not Only Watches.” VICENZAORO is attended by a mostly European clientele, but also includes visitors from the US, South

Famous Sculptor Antonio Canova and his famous George Washington…

The famous Italian sculptor, Antonio Canova was commissioned to sculpt a statue of George Washington for the State Capitol.  The Canova statue, with Washington wearing a Roman toga and portrayed as a military hero from ancient times, is the centerpiece of the Capitol lobby. Some had asked Nathaniel Macon to recommend a sculptor, but the

Bryan and Ryan Take on Bassano!

Team Kenro, including Bryan Hulser and Ryan Sirignano, traveled to Italy for the Montegrappa sales meeting and an experience that only Bassano could provide. Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to share the amazing introductions planned for 2018, but we invite you to see some of the photos taken from their time at the factory,

One Day in Tuscany!

September was a big month for the Kenro Team. Their trip to Tuscany, home to U-Boat, wasn’t all fun and games. In between the drag races, hot air balloon rides, and authentic Italian meals, a lot was discussed about how the brand will continue to innovate its line of watches and expand their other line

Pen Review: Aurora 88 Minerali In Azurite

One of the more interesting trends emerging over the past year has been the way in which Aurora has emerged to fill the void left in the Italian pen world by the demise of Omas, the suspected impending demise of Delta, and the leadership turnover at Visconti. 2017 saw Aurora launch a very well-regarded series

Flex 88 Pen Review

The Aurora 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Flex 88 met most of these criteria. This Flex 88 is a beautiful pen. The polished resin body with rounded ends is a classic design that appeals to me. While the brown color that I first tried would not have been my first pick, as I tend to prefer

The Pleasure of Writing, Italian style: The History of Aurora Fountain Pens

Italian children of the mid-80s knew how to recognize a good fountain pen when they got their mitts on one. In my class we all had a favorite, the sturdy, trustworthy “Auretta,” Aurora’s  colorful, cheap-and-cheerful proposal for students: slightly more expensive than those cartoon characters one we collected, Aurettas were on a total different planet

The Power of the Pen

Fountain pens are not only desired as collectibles amongst pen enthusiasts. A fountain pen (or any pen, for that matter) can be a tool of great change and inner growth, which has been demonstrated for centuries by those who have kept diaries and journals. Downstairs, beneath the excited hum of vendors, merchants, and enthusiasts attending

Fountain Pen Review: Aurora Duo Cart

The Aurora Duo Cart fountain pen is a re-creation of the original Duo Cart of 60 years ago.  If the photo on the box is any indication, only minor alterations have been made to the original design. Originally, the name came from the pen’s ability to carry two cartridges, the one it was using and a

Montegrappa Heartwood Review

I’m a fan of the Montegrappa Fortuna in general – it’s an excellent example of classic pen design modernized to take advantage of the diverse materials available to pen makers today. That said, if I had to recommend one version of the Fortuna over all others, it would be the Heartwood. I absolutely love the

Aurora 88 Pen Review

This is a review that I’ve been working up to for a couple of months. In that time, I’ve used up the entire volume of ink that this thing holds. It’s got a fine nib, and that’s a lot of use for me on a single pen. This is one of those pens that I

Pen Review: Montegrappa Game of Thrones Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

Montegrappa has mastered the art of the licensed pen with the Game of Thrones collection. They created four pens to represent major families represented in the series: House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen and House Baratheon.  From the packaging to the aesthetics of the pens, Montegrappa managed to do high-end licensed pens right. I was lucky

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