Cleaning and Flushing Your Fountain Pen

Cleaning your pen? Do you need to? What happens if you don’t? Many of us simply put more ink into our pens when we run out, but that’s bad practice and you know it! First, not all inks are created equal and there can be a reaction when you mix two seemingly innocent types. Second,

After 60 Years, the Retro Duo Cart Returns!

After 60 years, the stylish retro Duo Cart is being brought back by Aurora. These elegant pens raised several generations and remain one of the recognizable designs of an era. The beautiful duo is reminiscent of the distilled Italian high fashion that dominated the world in the 1960s. The name Duo Cart means “It’s a Match!” These

Check it out, the Classico 45 Titanium Tungston Skeleton

Introducing the U-Boat Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton (Model 8060), a special edition watch limited to 299 pieces worldwide. From first glance, U-Boat’s titanium and tungsten special edition skeleton commands your attention. This skeletonized chronograph watch exudes a dark, edgy vibe, featuring a brushed titanium case, tungsten bezel, and matte black alligator band. The industrial look

The Aurora 88 Flex Experience

For our 70th Anniversary, we presented the Aurora 88 Anniversario fitted with a 14kt gold, vintage-style flexible nib. You may have seen our earlier versions of the Aurora 88 Flex pen in blue, red, yellow, and we are thrilled to show you our latest addition for June, a chocolatey brown resin! It houses our ebonite

Thoth: God of Writing

 Joining Montegrappa’s Ancient Civilizations series, the Thoth collection of writing instruments enjoys a special presence, for Thoth was the Egyptian deity, among many other roles, to whom is ascribed the invention of the alphabet and writing. There can be no more appropriate a figure to honor with a family of fine pens. The Thoth writing

Kenro For You

Did you know? Kenro For You is your one stop shop for pen repairs, inks, and more! Our redesigned site makes it easy for you to get your pen repaired – even if it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer! All you have to do is tell us what’s wrong and send in

Introducing The Next Evolution of The Mule: Silver

Today the new Montegrappa Fortuna Silver collection arrived. There are 3 different styles in the line up ranging from a sleek plain Stainless version and moving on to the engraved versions in Shema and Skull.We skipped right to the macro lens to capture the endless details each pen has. Adjusting the aperture as we went

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