Montegrappa Blue Blazer Fountain Pen Hands on and Giveaway

What is it: The Blue Blazer is a stainless steel fountain pen in the “Fortuna” body style from Montegrappa. The pen features a steel nib with an intricate pattern on it that gets fed ink via a cartridge/converter filling system. What makes this pen stand out from the rest is the unique finish, created by applying

The Scotch and Time Series Whisky Events – Coming to a Coast near you

On the best Sunday of the year so far, February 11, 2018, Eric aka Instagram @scotchandtimeheld one of the biggest Whisky Events to kick off the year.  In a series of ScotchandTime events, New York was the first city of the year to kick off such a momentous event. Held at the BKLYN Commons facility in

U-Boat Sommerso Unboxed Video

Italo Fontana expands the Classico lineup with Sommerso, a watch boasting the characteristic feature of the professional diving watch. Watch the video in high resolution on Facebook.

Forged In Fire – The Montegrappa Blazer

See the brochure for the Montegrappa Blue Blazer here. Inspiration comes to us at Montegrappa from a variety of sources and places and events and objects. All celebrate some aspect of life, and what enriches it. In the wake of the great success of the Mule line, inspired by a famous cocktail, we looked again at another

O’ Sole Mio

Aurora has much to celebrate these days. The fountain pen community continues to grow and with more transparency, people are embracing this fine Italian brand who is quickly approaching 100 years in 2019. Their company has experienced double turnover in 2017, as informed Fountain Pen enthusiasts look to invest their hard earned dollars in quality

Something Grande from Montegrappa

The Ducale Grande fountain pen is now available in the popular marble brown acrylic, that many know from the traditional Ducale series. The first Grande introduction from 2017 was made in black resin and was limited to 100 units worldwide. The black model sold out rather quick and its clear that the brown will follow

Presenting the U-Boat Classico 45 Bronzo

The Classico 45 Bronzo features a rugged, military ­inspired style that draws upon U-Boat’s design heritage more than any of UBoat’s other watches. You  could easily imagine this watch on the wrist of a naval aviator or at the helm of a ship ­- the use of naturally aged bronze calls to mind vintage sextants,  compasses, and the like. The bronze case definitely has a vintage look that will develop a patina ­ and additional character ­ as it wears, ages, and even corrodes. As a result, no two watches are identical, and eventually each will reflect how it was used and worn throughout it’s life, creating a one-­of-­a­-kind  heirloom piece. The bronze case is complemented by a dark matte ­brown face, appearing almost black, consisting of three superimposed dials and highlighted by a visible ruby  just above the 6 o’clock position. The dial sports large Arabic numerals at the 12, 4, and 8 o’clock positions, with luminous beige hands and beige hour markers for maximum visibility. The Classico 45 Bronzo features minimal complications on the face, just a date window (on the left side, as per UBoat’s standard design) and a 24­hr indicator. A handmade and hand ­finished calf leather strap enhances the vintage look of the Classico 45 Bronzo, with a matching bronze tongue buckle that will also age  and patina alongside the watch. The lug width is a standard 20mm, making it easy to swap out the strap if you so desire, including with one of the various U-Boat straps available here. The Classico collection reflects the essence of U­Boat’s style and serves as the perfect entry point for someone interested in the brand. A no nonsense watch,  the Classico 45 Bronzo can be your primary timepiece, and will pair just as well with a suit as it would with casual attire. Properly maintained, this watch could  last a lifetime, as the bronze case is designed to take a beating while only becoming more attractive as a result. See all technical details of this watch here.

That Aurora piston works like a charm!

Today we would like to share the process for assembling and testing the piston system on the new Aurora Marte. The Marte has an 88 silhouette and shares the same fountain pen piston system as other Aurora 88 and Optima pens. Aurora goes the extra mile to ensure each pen is ready to be inked

The High Yield Aurora Ebonite Feeder

Ebonite, substance discovered in 1839 and obtained by vulcanizing natural rubber in excess of sulfur (about 30% – 40%) for prolonged periods, is the historical material for the production of quality fountain pens’ feeder. This material has numerous qualities that provide a high user experience; the main features, for which Aurora has always used ebonite

Stratos: The Big U-Boat Without the Bulk and Weight!

“Freedom in Creation” has always been Italo Fontana’s motto since the early steps in the watch industry. As he often states in interviews: “I like the identity and originality of my creations, I do not have an obligation to create the same things that I have always designed, or to continue to do oversized timepieces. When an


Finally Montegrappa produced a pen with a flexible nib, the Nazionale. “Nazionale” is a model name that was a part of the Elmo catalogue, from the late 1930s. It oozes with Art Deco attitude, its colours evoking the era with exquisite tints and shadings. Now highly collectible, the Nazionale has inspired Montegrappa to revive it

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