Fountain Pen Review: Aurora Duo Cart

The Aurora Duo Cart fountain pen is a re-creation of the original Duo Cart of 60 years ago.  If the photo on the box is any indication, only minor alterations have been made to the original design. Originally, the name came from the pen’s ability to carry two cartridges, the one it was using and a

Montegrappa Heartwood Review

I’m a fan of the Montegrappa Fortuna in general – it’s an excellent example of classic pen design modernized to take advantage of the diverse materials available to pen makers today. That said, if I had to recommend one version of the Fortuna over all others, it would be the Heartwood. I absolutely love the

Aurora 88 Pen Review

This is a review that I’ve been working up to for a couple of months. In that time, I’ve used up the entire volume of ink that this thing holds. It’s got a fine nib, and that’s a lot of use for me on a single pen. This is one of those pens that I

Pen Review: Montegrappa Game of Thrones Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

Montegrappa has mastered the art of the licensed pen with the Game of Thrones collection. They created four pens to represent major families represented in the series: House Stark, House Lannister, House Targaryen and House Baratheon.  From the packaging to the aesthetics of the pens, Montegrappa managed to do high-end licensed pens right. I was lucky

Game of Thrones Limited Edition

The Iron Throne Pen is limited to 300 fountain pens and 300 rollerball pens in sterling silver with vermeil accents. The number 300 depicts the year of settlement of the last of the Targaryen kings in 300 AC. There will also be 7 fountain and rollerball pens made of solid 18k gold to represent the

A Night Out With U-Boat’s Classico Tungsteno

The U-Boat Classico Tungsteno continues to grab attention through a bold statement of luxury. The polished tungsten case – mind you, at 50mm –  is hard to miss, as its personality is typically an extension of its environment.   There’s a confidence that comes with strapping an oversized Italian beast, that isn’t your typical glitz.

Aurora 88 Minerali Azurite Pen Review

I fell in love with the Aurora 88 Minerali Azurite the moment I saw it at the Chicago Pen Show. It was a very early preview, and I wasn’t able to share it at the time. I got the go ahead a few weeks back and shared it on Instagram, and now the same pen

LA Arts District Welcomes a New Talent

“I have always drawn, ever since I was a child. Then a few years ago I discovered fountain pen inks and their fluidity, so my creative journey (which has included sculpture, painting, three-dimensional paintings and video art) shifted focus to the distinctive mark generated by the fountain pen, Italian-born artist, Celio Bordin, explains to Kenro

2017 DC Fountain Pen Supershow

To say that the 2017 DC Pen Show was special, would be an understatement. This was not your typical 9 to 5 trading event, rather a “penfest” complete with worldwide, socially active writing enthusiasts. From the moment we arrived the new venue in Falls Church, the halls were a buzz with familiar friends from our ever growing

Add Some Color To Your Life With Montegrappa’s New Ink Line

The name Montegrappa is synonymous with craftsmanship and luxury. Kings, queens, and popes are counted among those who use Montegrappa writing instruments. With over a century of experience creating leather goods, timepieces, and of course fountain pens, it is a name one can trust not to disappoint. Their collection of inks is no exception. The

Going Back in Time With Speedometer Official’s Vintage Matt

A new vision An open mind towards the future and freedom in creation have always been cornerstones of Marco Gatti’s creativity. Whether it is introducing new ideas, devices, methods, or translating ideas or inventions into systems and mechanisms, Marco Gatti is consistently creating value for his followers. Broaden your horizons We’re proud to officially unveil Speedometer’s Vintage

Montegrappa Mysticum introduces Count Cagliostro!

Count Cagliostro Inaugurating Montegrappa’s new series, Mysticum, is a personality who embodies all that the worlds of the metaphysical and the mysterious encompasses. Mysticum celebrates what occupies the spaces between the known and the unknown. Appropriately, to initiate its catalogue of notables, the first is a controversial figure encapsulating a mixture of notions from Hermetism,

Cleaning and Flushing Your Fountain Pen

Cleaning your pen? Do you need to? What happens if you don’t? Many of us simply put more ink into our pens when we run out, but that’s bad practice and you know it! First, not all inks are created equal and there can be a reaction when you mix two seemingly innocent types. Second,

After 60 Years, the Retro Duo Cart Returns!

After 60 years, the stylish retro Duo Cart is being brought back by Aurora. These elegant pens raised several generations and remain one of the recognizable designs of an era. The beautiful duo is reminiscent of the distilled Italian high fashion that dominated the world in the 1960s. The name Duo Cart means “It’s a Match!” These

Check it out, the Classico 45 Titanium Tungston Skeleton

Introducing the U-Boat Classico 45 Titanium Skeleton (Model 8060), a special edition watch limited to 299 pieces worldwide. From first glance, U-Boat’s titanium and tungsten special edition skeleton commands your attention. This skeletonized chronograph watch exudes a dark, edgy vibe, featuring a brushed titanium case, tungsten bezel, and matte black alligator band. The industrial look

The Aurora 88 Flex Experience

For our 70th Anniversary, we presented the Aurora 88 Anniversario fitted with a 14kt gold, vintage-style flexible nib. You may have seen our earlier versions of the Aurora 88 Flex pen in blue, red, yellow, and we are thrilled to show you our latest addition for June, a chocolatey brown resin! It houses our ebonite