The Well Appointed Desk reviews the Montegrappa Elmo

  Montegrappa Elmo Fantasy Bloom Blue Cross Gentian Ana of The Well Appointed Desk reviews the new Montegrappa Elmo Fantasy Bloom fountain pen. Inside all that is the sueded interior and behold! The Montegrappa Elmo under a  satin ribbon. Inside the pen is the cartridge converter but two cartridges are included. Lifting up the pillow reveals the

The Well Appointed Desk reviews the Resin ystudio fountain pen

  ystudio resin fountain pen Ana of The Well Appointed Desk reviews the new ystudio resin fountain pen in red. The Resin fountain pen has a crisp hex shape that tapers down to a rounded grip section in brass. The details on the pen are brass, including round dots on the end of the cap

Pen Addict Reviews the Estie Lilac OS

  Estie Lilac OS Brad Dowdy AKA The Pen Addict shares his thoughts on the Esterbrook Estie Lilac oversized. The story of Esterbrook is a long one, primarily as one of the great American writing brands for a period of over 100 years. It saw a small, yet ultimately failed, reappearance in 2014, prior to

ystudio has partnered with Kenro!

  ystudio Designed in Taiwan and made by masters with decades of experience, the partners at ystudio aim to use beautiful, long-lasting objects to tell a story about writing.  Using natural materials, they create writing instruments that are an escape from electronics and a return to using one’s imagination and hands to put words on

Aurora Special Edition Inks

  Aurora Special Edition Inks In 2019, Aurora released the very limited Cento Edition Inks as a part of their 100th year anniversary celebration. With just three Aurora inks to choose from for decades, the introduction of seven inks in one release was a big surprise, welcomed by Aurora loyalists and ink lovers with great enthusiasm.

Montegrappa Miya 450 LE review – by Inkdependence

Mike Matteson aka Inkdependence, gives an up close video review of the new Montegrappa LE Miya 450 in celluloid and sterling silver. Fitted with a 14k nib of course. Watch the full review! Call or email us for more information: Phone: 516-741-0011 Email:  

Italy trip with Kenro & Goulet

  ITALY TRIP WITH KENRO AND GOULET At Kenro we are most fortunate to have wonderful relationships with our vendors and retail partners around the world. One of our greatest pleasures is when we have the occasion to introduce some of them to each other. We recently had the opportunity to do so with two

Cary of Kenro attends Richard Binders Nib Work Master Class

Cary of Kenro attends Richard Binders Nib Work Master Class At Kenro we are always looking to improve our service by finding new ways to support the writing community. We think continuing education is central to that mission, so when the opportunity arose for Cary to attend Richard Binder’s annual nib repair and grinding class,

Aurora Duo Cart returns in style – by The Well-Appointed Desk

  Aurora Duo Cart The Aurora Duo-Cart in “Vespa” Green (okay, they just call it green but really it’s vintage Vespa green if you want to get specific, its early 50s All-State VBB green. But, let’s not be that scooter nerdy, shall we?) Suffice it to say, that when I saw the new Aurora Duo-Cart colors,

FORBES reviews the Montegrappa LE Queen Pen!

  FORBES reviews the Montegrappa LE Queen Pen! So I’ve seen it twice: once at my local movie theater and once on a plane with my headphones. I strongly recommend the headphones. Bohemian Rhapsody is, in my opinion, amazing, and the four Oscars earned by this biopic about the British rock band Queen are well deserved.

Aurora Cento! A Celebration for the Ages!

  Aurora Cento! A Celebration for the Ages! Cento! Last week, Joel, Bryan and our guest, Dan Smith traveled to Torino to celebrate Aurora’s 100 Years of pen making. We arrived in Italy Tuesday morning and spent two days reviewing new products, touring the factory and spending time with our friend’s at Aurora. We had

ITALY Factory Tour with Michael Rubinstein

  Factory Tours of ITALY Join us for a virtual pen tour, as Kenro visits Italy’s most important pen factories. Kenro has partnered with the talented photographer Michael Rubenstein for a special photo tour in Italy. Follow us, as we navigates our way through Torino, Bassano del Grappa and Venice, all while capturing the beauty

AP NEWS: Analog and then some: the allure of the fountain pen

   The allure of the fountain pen In an age of screens and keyboarding, when kids hardly learn cursive anymore, fountain pens — along with their old-timey accoutrements like blotters, bottled ink and fancy nibs — are making a comeback. There are jazzy new colors and styles, and an array of affordable options… Read the

Montegrappa Mini Mule price reduction

  Montegrappa Mini Mule price reduction The new lower prices are below: Fountain Pen Mini Copper Mule Fountain Pen – Model ISFSH_CU – $295 Available in F, M or B nib sizes Rollerball Mini Copper Mule Rollerball Pen – Model ISFSHRCU – $275 Ballpoint Mini Copper Mule Ballpoint Pen – Model ISFSHBCU – $250   See

iW Magazine features the Montegrappa Moonlanding Pen

  Montegrappa Moonlanding Pen gets a write up in iW Magazine Shaped like the Saturn V rocket that propelled Apollo 11’s crew to the moon, the new writing instrument uses visual references to show lineage with one of modern history’s most momentous achievements. The new pen is an executive toy par excellence. It allows the

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