Esterbrook Bottled Ink

Some things are just better together. Peanut butter and jelly. Rock and roll. Gin and tonic. And, of course, pen and inks.
It was just a matter of time before we decided our Esterbrook fountain pens needed perfect pairings of their own. We’ve made the ideal matches for some of your favorite Estie’s and JR’s, or any other pen in your collection. Our inks range from classic to something with a little more pizzazz.
These European-made inks have been tested for quality and flow, so they’ll perform in all your favorite pen and paper combinations. Whether you are looking for shade or shimmer, our first nine colors have a little bit of something for everyone—and every pen.

Esterbrook and ink: just better together.

Vintage inspired packaging in 50ml bottles.




Esterbrook Tangerine – EINK-TANGERINE – $30


Esterbrook Cobalt – EINK-Cobalt Blue – $30


Esterbrook Ebony – EINK-Ebony – $30


Esterbrook Evergreen – EINK-Evergreen – $30


Esterbrook Aqua – EINK-Aqua – $30


Esterbrook Scarlet – EINK-Scarlet – $30


Esterbrook Shimmer Bottled Ink

Esterbrook Tangerine Shimmer – EINK-Shimmer Tangerine – $35


Esterbrook Lilac Shimmer – EINK-Shimmer Lilac – $35


Esterbrook Aqua Shimmer – EINK-Shimmer Aqua – $35

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