Montegrappa is proud to introduce the “Chai” Collection, the latest version of the Shema Series which celebrates the Jewish symbol for life and all living things.

The word for life in Hebrew is “Chai”, made omnipresent by the two letters that form the symbol : חי, This  “Chai” Symbol encompasses all the values and beliefs which Judaism venerates.

Based on the classic Shema Fortuna pen model, the “Chai” Collection is made of a Special teak wood which has treated with a unique oil. Each pen is laser-engraved with motifs that complement the Hebrew text, including an olive branch, a menorah, the word “Chai” in Hebrew and Stars of David encircling the metal sections. Because teak is a natural material, each pen will acquire a unique patina over time. Like its name signifies, teak is a living material, truly appropriate for a pen that celebrates life.

The Montegrappa “Chai” , a pen to be cherished for a lifetime.

Fountain Pen

Fortuna Chai Fountain Pen – Model ISFOW_IC – $495

Available in F, M or B nib sizes


Fortuna Chai Rollerball Pen – Model ISFOWRIC – $450


Fortuna Chai Ballpoint Pen – Model ISFOWBIC – $400

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