Pininfarina GrafeeX 

The pencil world revolution

Grafeex, is an innovative material obtained through a revolutionary process of sintering individual graphite particles. The result is a brand new compound that changes the concept of pencil while maintaining its distinctive features. The GrafeeX tip, assembled on a matte black aluminum stem, combined with a uniquely designed clip, guarantees a durability far beyond the one of a normal pencil and can be replaced with a simple gesture. An elegant sleeve hand-stitched, in recycled leather, makes GrafeeX a perfect daily companion: for your notes, for your sketches, or simply to transfer ideas on paper. Clip available in six different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Designed in Italy.


GrafeeX Blue Pencil – Model GFX001BL – $35

GrafeeX Red Pencil – Model GFX001RO – $35

GrafeeX Yellow Pencil – Model GFX001GI – $35

GrafeeX Green Pencil – Model GFX001VE – $35

GrafeeX Orange Pencil – Model GFX001AR – $35

GrafeeX Purple Pencil – Model GFX001VI – $35

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