Esterbrook has always been a true writing company and at one time we offered over 50 different point sizes. Since most formal communication was developed through writing, Esterbrook developed points for every style of writing. For example, their extra fine flex could be considered for shorthand or even dictation, while Italic nibs were ideal for calligraphy or inking greeting cards. Their tagline in the 70s was,”the right pen for the way you write” and although we don’t have fifty different nib sizes, Esterbrook offers a wonderful assortment of nib sizes for all forms of writing. Consider our extra fine for bullet journaling or how about a broad to sign that important check? There’s a point for you!


The Esterbrook Estie with size six Jowo nib can be chosen in five different sizes, including the new Stub 1.1. In addition to the extra fine, fine, medium and broad, the stub a unique line that mimics calligraphy. The stub nib produces a narrow line on the cross stroke and a broad line on the down stroke. You can easily deliver these lines without having to apply pressure like a flex nib and the touch to paper is silky smooth.


As fountain pens continue to grow in user popularity, its important to have a variety of points to consider and with Esterbrook, you can have the “the right pen for the way you write.”


Note that the stub 1.1 is available on all silver trim Esties, including the new Estie Blueberry fountain pen.