Bijo-To-Yaju draws on Japanese artforms to retell one of Europe’s greatest love stories. Inspired by Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film, La Belle et la Bête, and created with designer, Tomita Kazuhiko, this singular collaboration calls attention to universal symbols of heroism, beauty and love. Part pen, part fairy tale, Bijo-To-Yaju marries Japanese artistry with Italian craftsmanship. Tomita Kazuhiko and Montegrappa are united by a shared curiosity for unorthodox beauty: a principle elaborated by delicate, Kintsugi detailing, and a story of forbidden love that has been told for more than 4,000 years.

  • Bijo-To-Yaju bends the conventions of writing instrument design, with a clipless cap and a bespoke display base. Cocteau’s Beast is envisioned in vermeil in the lion-like form of the shishi.
  • Chapters from the famous tale are recreated using fragments of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and joined by golden enamel to emulate Japanese Kintsugi (“golden repair”) technique.
  • Auspicious editions of 99 rollerballs and 222 fountain pens are accompanied by a bespoke display base and presentation case designed by Tomita Kazuhiko in lacquered wood


Fountain Pen



Bijo-To-Yaju FP – Model: ISBYN_SC – $4,995

Limited to 222 pieces



Bijo-To-Yaju Rollerball – Model: ISBYNRSC- $4,495

Limited to 99 pieces


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