Montegrappa Magnifica

Magnifica is a fully original design that revisits flourishes from the past, while improving on them with modern materials and multiaxial milling. Offered as an open-edition fountain pen, rollerball and twist-action ballpoint, Magnifica combines matt, soft-polish resin and satin-finish IP steel trims in a silhouette much more varied and complex than first appearances suggest.

Evolved from the simple elegance of Fortuna, Magnifica’s fresh, architectural approach offers distinctive presence and outstanding handle. Complex, numerically controlled machining gives the barrel, cap and cap band their unique 12-sided profile: a shape often found on collectible, mid-century designs, but never with this level of nuance, precision or ergonomic verve.

Measuring 16,7 mm at its broadest point, the silhouette’s elegant tapering and undulating concave/convex shape feel inviting and substantial, delivering satisfying balance amplified by tactile, soft-polish finishes.

Fountain pens are cartridge/converter-fed, and use a 6mm steel filigree nib (EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1, Stub 1.5). All variants are delivered in our stock Premium case.

Fountain Pen

Montegrappa Magnifica – ISGNR_AC– $450




Montegrappa Magnifica – ISNGRRAC– $440



Montegrappa Magnifica – ISNGRBAC– $420

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