The IMPERIAL The Urushi Limited Edition Fountain Pen by KENRO. A stunning masterpiece of Urushi art on the outside combined with the best in modern writing technology on the inside. 

 Urushi. The word alone opens up imagination to a world of Ancient art, color and beauty that is special and unique to the culture of the Far East .  

 The beginnings of Urushi – traditional Japanese lacquer ware created with the natural sap of lacquer trees – date back over 9000 years. The technique and artistry has become a integral part of the Far East culture. Unlike many automated production processes, the application of Urushi lacquer is still done by hand and requires time, skills and dedication of highly strained artisans who have spent decads learning this ancient craft. 

Limited to 33 pens worldwide, The Imperial Urushi Limited Edition Fountain Pen was commissioned for production to the finest Urushi artist on the Island of Taipei. Specializing in the Tame Nuri form of Urushi, our artist has hand painted countless layers of Burgundy Urushi as a base followed by additional layers of transparent urushi thus creating a beautiful natural luster. 

 Featuring the finest in Modern Writing Technology, the Imperial features the “Cushion Cap Closure” system which prevents the ink from drying which ensures a constant ink flow.  

 Each numbered Imperial Urushi limited edition is signed by the artist in Gold paint and comes packaged in a special rare HIMOKI wood box which gives the pen the perfect presentation and protection. 

Each Imperial Urushi Limited Edition pen is a unique work of art that reflects the finest example of this ancient art form.

Retail price for the Imperial Taipei Sunset is $1,500 set with an 18k nib in either EF, F, M or B.