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The Aurora 888 Saturno is the fourth release in Aurora’s Stellar Collection after the exceptionally well received 88 Nebulosa, 88 Sole, 88 Marte and Urano.
Aurora has taken inspiration from the planet Saturn for its latest limited edition fountain pen. The pursuit of the beauty also passes from Saturn as Aurora continues its journey through the solar system, inspired by the splendor of the planets.
The Aurora 888 Saturno is made entirely in-house, including the nib and ebonite feed which are outsourced by most pen companies. The cap and barrel are made from Auroloide while the cap’s finial, grip section, and piston knob are made from black resin. All the metal trim is plated in yellow gold to match the solid 18k yellow gold nib. The nib is available in six widths: EF, F, M, B, BB, and Factory Stub. Aurora’s nibs are excellent candidates for customization from a simple Tune & Smooth to any custom grind, all of which are included at no additional charge!
Each Aurora 88 Saturno fountain pen is engraved with its limited edition number out of 888 on the top of the cap, opposite the clip.
Like all 88s, the 888 Saturno features Aurora’s unique piston filler design with a built-in ink reserve. When the pen runs dry, extend the piston to access enough ink for several more pages of writing. The piston knob will remain extended acting as a reminder to refill the pen while still allowing the cap to be posted.
See the 888 Saturno brochure HERE

888 Saturno – Model: 888-SA – $895