The Lord of the Rings: Doom is a luxury, hand crafted, limited-edition writing collection designed and manufactured by Montegrappa in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Key product information is as follows:

  • Available as a fountain pen and rollerball, The Lord of the Rings: Doom is a Collector’s Edition reissue of Montegrappa’s sold-out The Lord of the Rings edition, released in 2019. Part of the maker’s Cult Series, this new limited-edition collection re-envisions the original design with colours and finishes that recreate the menace and magic of Mount Doom – home to the Dark Lord Sauron.
  • Crafted from sterling silver and ‘Montegrappite’ artisanal resin, the painstaking detail found on The Lord of the Rings: Doom pays homage to the dense, mythological taleand its subsequent cinematic adaptation. More than two dozen artefacts from the big-screen trilogy are sculpted into an elaborate external sheath, before piece-plating with ruthenium and yellow gold.
  • All ornamental metals used in the creation of The Lord of the Rings: Doom are made using the traditional jeweller’s art of lost wax casting. A Montegrappa house specialty, the technique helped elevate pens to luxury status when it was revived in 1995 for Dragon – the Venetian maker’s most iconic design. Over recent decades, this art has defined many of Montegrappa’s most coveted creations.
  • Standout design features include a hand-enamelled ‘Eye of Sauron’ suspended in the Tower of Barad-dûr. The pocket-clip design reprises Sting – the Elvish dagger carried by Frodo Baggins – with a vermeil blade. A green cubic zirconia references Aragon’s Ring of Barahir, but is overshadowed by a replica of the One Ring itself. Able to be removed and worn, the Ruling Ring’s inclusion symbolises the power of writing and the timelessness of high artisanship.
  • The sterling-silver sheath on The Lord of the Rings: Doom is fitted around a hand-lathed core of Montegrappite artisanal resin. A unique blend of this proprietary material was created especially for this edition using a process that allows Montegrappa to create nuanced, lava-like textures, while eliminating much of the material and energy waste associated with conventional industrial acrylics.
  • Adapting external design codes to the shape and functional demands of high-performance writing instruments requires special expertise and extensiveprototyping. The process of design and development for Montegrappa’s original The Lord of the Rings edition lasted more than two years.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Doom is issued in limited collector’s editions of 137 fountain pens and 137 rollerballs. Fountain pens are fitted with an 18K gold signature nib, and can be refilled using Montegrappa’s ratcheted piston system from a complementary bottle of black ink.


Fountain Pen



Lord of the Rings L.E. – Model: ISLOA_SE – $5,500 – SOLD OUT

Limited to 379 pieces



Lord of the Rings L.E. Rollerball – Model: ISLOARSE – $4,995 – SOLD OUT


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