Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa Social Stationers has provided exquisite paper for all life’s most important events for over three decades. “Tabula rasa” is Latin for “blank slate.” When you inscribe your thoughts with one of our fine writing instruments on the blank slate of our beautiful papers (perhaps engraved with your name or monogram), you can be

Yen Yen Siu

I am Yen Yen Siu, Creator @ My childhood was spent as a global citizen, living in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Singapore before settling down in Toronto. Cities are my muse and Yenderings channels that inspiration, combining my love for functional design, fountain pens, fine tailoring, and product development. A love of fountain pens

Michael Rubenstein

I’m Michael Rubenstein, a photographer and filmmaker from NY. I’m also completely obsessed with fountain pens. A few years ago my wife bought me one for the holidays, I thanked her, stuck it in a drawer and completely forgot about it for a few months. One day I was looking around for a pen to

Isaac Jewelers

In this week’s Community spotlight, we feature our friends at Isaac Jewelers of Scottsdale Arizona! Isaac has been a partner to Kenro for several years, as an authorized dealer of U-boat, Montegrappa and Speedometer. Frank Isaac, the owner of Isaac Jewelers, offers Scottsdale’s most luxurious collection of fine jewelry and one-of-a-kind custom designs. Located at Scottsdale’s upscale Kierland Commons, Isaac Jewelers has

MP Demetre

Today we focus our attention to our U-Boat retail partner MP Demetre and the summer streets of Charleston, SC.  The sun is heavy in August, and tourists escape the heat to chilled southern shopping flair and the high-end King Street district. Walk down King past Charleston’s designer shops — Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Brooks Brother’s and you’ll find the respected MP


When people would ask me why I write, I have to think about it for a while, because the process is an unconscious hand reaction. Daily life is just a constant inspiration. Whether a picture, a line in a book, a TV show, relationships or even just an emotion, I become inspired to take out

Akay eau de art

It was during my internship in Terna Dental College, Mumbai when the Dean came up to me and asked me to paint a wall mural. And when I passed out as a dentist I never knew I would land up being a Wall Muralist, although my family never enjoyed it initially. I had always been

My Life In Yellow

The journey of life is a long & winding road; and for some that road leads us to the streets. For this female artist & poet, the streets have been giving back…. My Life in Yellow was created 7 years ago with a blog about moving to the Big Apple. A post-divorce move in order to restart her life, teach yoga and attend Parsons School of

Jake Weidmann

  Kenro welcomes special guest and International Master Penman, Jake Weidmann to the DC Pen Show. The timing of the show arrives as he and Montegrappa introduce their collaborative special edition version for the Pen of Peace. This special edition pen will be unveiled at the Montegrappa exhibit beginning Friday, August 4th. It is also important to

Trina O'Gorman

Trina O’Gorman, professor with the First-Year Writing Program at Montclair State University and founder of Write, an online personal writing program, is devoted to spreading the word about the power of personal writing/journaling and the power of the pen. She has taught online journaling workshops to people from New Jersey to Italy. To ger more