To say that the 2017 DC Pen Show was special, would be an understatement. This was not your typical 9 to 5 trading event, rather a “penfest” complete with worldwide, socially active writing enthusiasts. From the moment we arrived the new venue in Falls Church, the halls were a buzz with familiar friends from our ever growing community. There’s something to be said that people traveled from as far as Sweden and Taiwan to exchange laughs and dip pens.

Our Kenro team was charged up for an exciting weekend and the results exceeded expectation. You see, this year’s event wasn’t about the introduction of that special pen. For us, it was about the community and having a chance to spend time with likeminded talented friends. There was the pre-show filled with creative workshops, mid-day artistry from celebrity guests and of course the post show socials. This weekend had it all!

There were many special moments from the weekend and although we couldn’t capture all the fun, we did manage to collect a bunch that we think you’ll enjoy!